Camp Moshava of Wild Rose, WI's Glossary

Welcome to the Moshava Wild Rose glossary. Here you can find a collection of 100+ words from the Moshava jargon that everyone spending a summer in Wild Rose should know. Most terms have either a video or a picture that relates to them on the right hand side. You can navigate through the glossary by clicking on one of the above letters. Enjoy!
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Area with benches and a stage. Moshava has three amphitheaters, two upstairs and one downstairs. The amphitheater is a hot spot for shiurim and also a great place to play games like 'nervous numbers' or 'make me laugh'. Check out this video of chanichot at the downstairs amphitheater. 

Apache Race

A relay race in which the entire campground is utilized. Some of the tasks in the Apache are reciting Hatikva by heart, carrying a bench down the valley and retrieving a brick from the bottom of the pool. Video of an apache race:


Abbreviation for the program called Machaneh Torah V'Avodah (or MachT"A) this program for high school aged campers geared towards teaching lessons of independence. Check out this video of chanichim talking about their experience on Avodah: 


Jobs. Usually used in reference to jobs done by Avodah. Check out this video of Avodah in the midst of Erev Shabbat avodot:


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